Tent vs. RV Camping: How to Know What’s Ideal for You

Tent vs. RV Camping: How to Know What’s Ideal for You

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Of all the different types of camping you can find, tent camping and RV camping are the most popular ones. The debate between tent vs. RV camping has been raging on for a while now. Each one has unique benefits and challenges and each one provides the camper with unique experiences.

To know what’s ideal for you, there are several things you need to factor in.

Tent vs. RV Camping

Tent vs. RV Camping: How to Know What’s Ideal for You

What’s the difference between the two types of camping?

Tent camping is the traditional form of camping where you pitch a tent on the ground and spend a few nights there. You can camp almost anywhere you wish with this type of camping.

RV camping is normally referred to as ‘home on wheels’. It offers the camper the flexibility of enjoying the outdoors while having all the amenities and comfortability as you would at home.

Woman with dog in a tent by a body of water

The financial factor

RV camping is more expensive than tent camping. Whether you are going to hire an RV or buy one, you will still end up spending way more than you would ever spend when tent camping.  The bulk of expenses in tent camping are in purchasing the tent and related tent camping gear.

Maintaining an RV can be very expensive depending on the kind of vehicle you have. A tent camper just needs to roll the tent and pack it away till the next camping season.

Two RVs camping next to the ocean


Tent camping is more flexible than RV camping. You can camp almost anywhere; inside the forest, on a mountain, in a forest, by the beach, and so forth.

RV campers are usually restricted to camping grounds or dispersed locations that have enough space to allow for maneuverability of their vehicles. RVs cannot get into fields or in crowded forests.

Gray and yellow tent in the forest with mountains


RVs offer the best comfort when camping. You get to spend time inside a make-shift home with all the accessories and amenities designed to make your camping life enjoyable.

When tent camping, you are at the mercy of nature. You have to figure out how to survive and the comfort levels cannot match those of an RV camper.


Bugs, mosquitoes, crawling insects, and animals are the tent camper’s biggest nightmares. Such things do not bother an RV camper (or at least, not as much).

When tent camping in the wild, you are always worried about an animal coming into your campsite to steal your food. RV campers do not have this worry as everything they have is well secured inside the vehicle.

RV traveling on a road trip through nature

Meal and diet options

Since there is only so much one can carry when going tent camping, the diet of a tent camper is usually very limited.

RV campers on the other hand enjoy good foods. They have enough space to store their food and stoves to cook without endangering themselves or inconveniencing themselves.


Do you ever get tired of waiting in line at a campground just so you could grab a quick shower? Or having to improvise a shower in the world with a cold bucker over your head?

These are issues tent campers face daily. RV campers usually have it easy. The ones who have large rigs have shower cubicles installed in their rigs for their comfort.

So, what do you think? Do you prefer tent camping or camping in an RV?

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