10 Road Trip Snacks That Won’t Make a Mess in Your Car

10 Road Trip Snacks That Won’t Make a Mess in Your Car

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Kids can be messy, especially if you have toddlers in tow. If you are planning a road trip or are taking a road trip with your little ones, here are ten road trip snacks that won’t make a complete mess in your car.

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10 Road Trip Snacks That Won’t Make a Mess in Your Car

Cheerio Necklace

Instead of putting a pile of cheerios in a bowl, string them together on a necklace! Your kids will love this fun snack, and you won’t have cheerios everywhere. You can also use this trick for any round cereal.

Celery Sticks

Put peanut butter in the bottom of a mason jar and put celery sticks in the jar. This is an easy dipping option for peanut butter that won’t make a mess!

Mini Carrots

Mini carrots are a great snack option, and they don’t make a big mess when you eat them!

Carrots and Celery in a plastic container on an orange table

Fruit Snacks

Head to Costco, and you’ll find a ton of bulk sizes of fruit snacks. Any fruit snack will work as long as it has a package to pull from!

Fruit Roll-Ups

Fruit roll-ups are so easy to make yourself and will provide your kids with a mess-free snack option for the car.

Whole Fresh Fruit

You want to go with fruit such as apples or grapes that can be eaten somewhat whole. Avoid snacks such as oranges or foods you need to peel to eat. You can also go for smaller fruits such as blackberries or cherries too.

Energy Bites for a Road Trip

Energy Bites

These are great for long car rides and a great mess-free option! Make your protein or energy bites at home and keep them in a container to snack from for your road trip! Make sure you pick a recipe that won’t have a lot of loose pieces to fall if your kids don’t eat the whole energy bite in a single bite.

Roasted Chickpeas

Chickpeas are a great alternative to chips and can be seasoned in so many different ways! They are a nice crunchy treat that won’t leave crumbs all over your car. You can find these in the store, or you can make your own!

Beef Jerky on a white board on a wood table

Beef Jerky

Make your own beef jerky or pick up a big bag from the store. Just tear off pieces and hand them to your kids! You can also get slim jims or another stick jerky if you’d like. Salmon or chicken jerky are also great options as well.

Granola Bars

You want to pick sturdy granola bars that won’t break apart with every bite. Stick to granola bars with an excellent binding agent and granola or oats instead of fruit and nut bars. You can also use protein or energy bars in place of granola bars as well.

Homemade Granola Bars on White Paper

I know some of you may be looking at this list and think that your kids can make a mess using these snacks. If you have kids who throw food, yes, these snacks likely won’t be a good fit. However, these snacks will be easy to clean for most families or won’t make a mess when eating.

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