Outdoor Learning Opportunities for Fall

Outdoor Learning Opportunities for Fall

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Fall is the perfect time to get kids outdoors and it offers a variety of different outdoor learning opportunities for kids of all ages. Outdoor learning is a great way for kids to get some hands-on learning experience with the world around them.

Even the smallest of outdoor activities can be a great learning opportunity during the fall season.

Outdoor Learning Opportunities for Fall

Go Camping

There is an abundant amount of learning opportunities in camping. During the fall season, when the weather starts to get a little cooler, it is the perfect time to take a camping trip. It’s not too hot and you can always bring layers to keep warm if it starts to get chilly.

While camping, kids can learn more about nature and the land they live on. They will love discovering new insects they come across, gathering leaves for fun crafts and art activities, or learning about different birds they see or hear.

Use Leaves for Educational Crafts

With the leaves falling off the trees during the fall season, this makes for the perfect time for kids to learn more about plants and trees. Using leaves in their crafts can be fun STEM projects for hands-on learning. Here are a few leaf activities that will be educational:

  • Kids can learn the parts of a leaf and about what tree the leaf came from.
  • Practice their fine motor skills by painting the leaf and using it in crafts.
  • Collect their favorite leaves and make a leaf scrapbook.
  • Learn about colors and leaf identification.
  • Learn about why the leaves change colors in the fall season.
  • Make fossils out of the leaves.

Go on A Scavenger Hunt

Making learning fun by playing a game. You can join the kids to go on a nature scavenger hunt. As they explore the world around them, they will be learning about nature, insects, plants, and more.

Go on a texture scavenger hunt by placing nature objects with different texture around the area and have the kids find them.

Fall Gardening

If you enjoy fall gardening, kids will love taking care of the plants, learning about the plants, and how they grow. As they pull weeds and tend to the plants it will even help them strengthen up their hands and fingers.

With the fall fruits and vegetables that you harvest, you can also throw in some math as they count the number of fruits or vegetables they have gathered. Fractions are another great way to use the harvested fruits and vegetables.

You can also use the vegetables that have been harvested and include them in some basic cooking education. Basic cooking skills are important for older children to learn and can perk their interest in a cooking career.

Take A Fall Hike

Taking a hike together is another great educational opportunity for children.  Not only are they getting their physical education, but you can also turn this into an educational opportunity with nature. 

Hiking can be a calming activity for children and will allow them to enhance their gross motor skills as they learn about science and the amazing world around us.

These are just a few outdoor learning opportunities that the fall season brings. Getting outside and enjoying the decent weather as they learn about nature and insects is a great way to make learning fun.


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