100+ Camping Ideas You Have To Check Out!

100+ Camping Ideas You Have To Check Out!

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Whether you are a veteran camper or going out on your first trip, there are always new things to learn about camping and new ways to do things to make your trip easier. These camping ideas will get you started for your next adventure with delicious recipes, fun crafts, places to visit, and much more!


Worried about what you & your kids will eat in the car on the way to the campsite? Here are 15 Make and Take Snacks for your Next Road Trip

Have a long road trip to get to your campsite? We all know snacks are a must but some are such a mess! Here are 10 Road Trip Snacks that won’t Make a Mess in Your Car

Love making s’mores while you’re camping? How about trying a new take on it & making Campfire S’mores Skillet Dip? It looks delicious! 

If you’re looking for breakfast ideas, have everyone make their own Omelet in a Bag

If someone in your family isn’t an egg person, try making your own Campfire Donuts

If you’re more adventurous with your cooking, making a big breakfast will tide everyone over whether they’re hiking, swimming or playing games in the woods. A Griddle Breakfast Skillet with eggs, potatoes, sausage, bacon, and cheese should hit the spot! 

Easy no-bake s’mores puppy chow! This is a quick and easy recipe that will impress a crowd! 

Want a quick but yummy dessert? Try these Campfire Baked Bananas for a special treat! 

Another breakfast that is sure to be a hit are these French Toast Foil Packets! Can’t wait to try these! 

Foil Packet dinners are so great to make when you’re camping. One that we can’t wait to try are these Cajun Shrimp Foil Packets with Asparagus. Yum! 

I can always eat a big plate of nachos but I never thought about making them in a skillet over a campfire until I saw these Campfire Nachos

Even though I love making bread at home, I never thought about making bread when we’re camping! But with this Campfire Bread on a Stick recipe, I am totally going to give it a try! 

Want to impress everyone you’re camping with? Pull out that cast iron skillet and make this delicious Blackberry Crumble.

Sangria made to go camping! Make ahead and enjoy it when you get to your campsite!

Have a lot of people to feed and want to do it quickly? This Instant Pot Campfire Stew may be the perfect option!

This easy peach cobbler is made right in the cast iron pan over the fire! Fresh peaches with an easy cake mix topping.

Campfire Apple Crisp Foil Packs are full of sweet juicy apples, cinnamon, and granola. A big bonus is that they require minimal prep and no cleanup. 

Campfire Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs are easy to make over a campfire. These delicious bacon-wrapped hot dogs are a great addition to any camping meal. 

Learn how to make these easy Campfire Zucchini Foil Packets. The foil packets make an excellent side dish to serve with any camping meal. 

Campfire Potatoes cooked in a foil packet are a perfect side dish when you are camping in the great outdoors. Only minutes of prep time, a few simple ingredients, and minimal cleanup, this is a recipe you can enjoy any time, anywhere. 

From snacks to meals, these ideas are some of the easiest and best camping food for kids. There’s even a free printable meal planner! 

Here are 4 easy and lightweight ways to make amazing camp coffee on your next trip. 

Grilled Potatoes in Foil take just 30 minutes to make. Everyone loves them, especially when they can choose their own toppings like sour cream, chives, cheese, and bacon! 

Created a grilled pizza sandwich over the fire with this easy campfire recipe. It will become a camping family favorite! 


Tips, Tricks, Hacks

New to camping and not sure where to start? Our Beginner’s Guide to Tent Camping will help you start planning for your camping trip. 

If you’re new to camping, you probably want to know what advice advanced campers would give you. Check out Camping Hacks Every Outdoorsy Family Needs to Know to help you before you go camping.

Wanting to take your dog with you on your camping trip but aren’t sure what you’ll need or how to plan for it? Check out How to Have a Nice Camping Trip with Your Dog for help. 

Check out these Camping with Dogs tips to help you out even more! 

If you’re new to camping, you might be worried that you won’t know how to start a campfire. Toilet Paper Roll Fire Starters make starting a fire easy! 

You can also use egg cartons to make Fire Starters! 

Need more tips for camping with kids? This is a great place to start! Plus, find free printable camping activities for the family to enjoy! 

And speaking of kids, check out this Camping with Kids Checklist

Check out these 10 Camping Hacks that will help get you started on your adventure. 

Worried that your camping trip might not go the way you think it will? Check out these Essential Family Camping Tips to Avoid Disaster to help you with your planning. 

Planning your camping trip doesn’t have to be expensive! Check out these Essential Camping Trip Dollar Store Supplies that will help keep the cost down. 

Will you be camping in an RV? This RV Hack shows you how to Convert Space Under Bed to Easily Accessible Storage

Want to create more light at your campsite? You can Turn a Headlamp into a Lantern and light a much bigger area than just a flashlight alone. 

Camping With Toddlers: Your Survival Guide, Tips, and Tricks is a big guide that will help you get ready to camp with your kids. 

Make sure you’re prepared for cooler weather with these fall camping tips on what to pack. 

Are you a first-time camper or someone that really doesn’t enjoy camping (but your family is begging to go)? Check out these tips to help you get ready for camping

Are you planning a family camping trip? These 5 useful camping hacks will probably surprise you. 

With a little bit of planning, camping can be an easy, affordable, family-friendly activity that can be enjoyed by everyone from babies to grandparents. Check out these 7 family camping tips

There are so many great reasons to go camping in the fall, if it’s your first time, you’ll wonder why you hadn’t tried it before. 

Couples camping requires its own special planning and packing. This post will help you have an organized, fun, and even, yes, romantic camping trip for two! 

Make the most of your family’s next camping trip with these camping hacks you need to know. Covering everything from hygiene to safety! 

Family camping is great fun but it can take some organizing! Follow this handy step by step guide for your best family camping trip ever

Don’t head out camping before grabbing the basic essentials! These can make the difference between a good trip and a not so good one! 

Camping in an RV? Don’t forget these must-haves for a pleasant trip! 

Did you know you can have power for phones, computers, lights, and fans while camping? Here are some great portable generators if you need to stay charged up while off the grid. 

Tent shopping can be a little intimidating, but once you know what to look for, it’s simple! Here are a few pointers to help you pick the right tent for your family’s needs

If you are thinking about camping in the woods and want to know the family camping essentials? Check out these family camping essentials that will make your trip a success. 

Before you head out on your epic outdoor adventure, grab your Family Camping Checklist so you have everything you need for stress-free fun! FREE printable checklist! 

Here are 14 things to do while camping alone – other than hiking and sleeping – to help keep yourself occupied and actually enjoy nature, even if you can’t find any friends to go with you. 

Need to clean your laundry while off-grid? Make this simple washing machine and avoid going into town to find a laundromat. 

If you’re going to go camping in an RV, being organized is really important! You don’t want to spend your time cleaning and you want to know where everything is for easy access.

Have you thought about how you’re going to wash dishes when you’re camping? I know I never thought about it the first time we went camping but it’s something that’s important to plan for!

Did you know that you can make your own body wipes for when you camp? They are simple to make and are great for those times when you can’t shower or need a little freshening up.

Worried that your tent won’t be as comfy as you’d like it? Check out these 15 Tricks to Make Your Tent The Comfiest Place on Earth to put your mind at ease.


Want to make sure you have lots of birds around your campsite? Create popsicle stick bird feeders with your family and watch the birds come to visit and sing you a song!

If you’re going to be doing a lot of hiking, creating your own personalized Walking Stick before you go is a great idea! 

Crafts are a fun way to keep kids occupied while you’re camping. Recycle plastic water bottles into a beautiful outdoor craft

Create a camp necklace with your kids to remember the adventures and fun you had on your camping trip! 


Want to keep the kids busy while you’re camping, whether it’s at a campsite or in your own backyard? Check out our 15 Outdoor Activities You Can Do at Home for lots of fun! 

Playing games while camping is the best and a scavenger hunt is always a good time. Check out Camping Scavenger Hunt Riddles to create your own. 

You can never bring along enough games when you’re camping! Check out these Family Friendly Camping Games Perfect for A Camping Adventure

Try something new around the campfire! Campfire Conversation Starters are a fun way to get people talking! 

Place to Visit

California is a great place to camp all year round! Check out our 5 Camping Destinations in California that You’ll Love to find your next adventure. 

Northern California has some of the most gorgeous waterfalls to visit. And to top it off most of these sites have a camp area! 

If you’re going to be camping in Joshua Tree, you have to check out these 7 things to do in Joshua Tree National Park before you go! 

Ready to head to the beach to camp? Campsites and Tent Camping On California Beaches is a great place to start! 

The Beginner's Guide to Tent Camping - Tent camping is still an exciting adventure to be had by all! Check out this beginner’s guide to tent camping to get started.

Big Sur is a rugged stretch of majestic California coastline offering beaches, hiking, camping, scenic bridges, a lighthouse, breathtaking waterfalls, and sheer cliff faces. Whether you are planning a day trip to Big Sur or a longer stay, don’t miss these stops along the famed Pacific Coast Highway! 

Camp with ocean views in Southern California at San Onofre. Learn everything you need to know to plan this gorgeous camping trip! 

Planning on camping in Yosemite National Park? Here are some great tips to get you ready for your trip!


Want to get your kids excited for camping BEFORE you head out? Print out our Let’s Go Camping Printable Pack for Kids and show them how much fun camping will be! 

Having a birthday party with a camping theme? How fun! Print out our Printable Camping Party Kit to help get the party started! 

Want to teach your kids about some of the animals they might see when they’re camping? Our Woodland Animals Printable Game for Kids is a fun way to start! 

Worried that you won’t have enough food or enough meals to make while you’re camping? This Free Printable Camping Food List + Menu Plan should do the trick! 

Scavenger hunts are a lot of fun, especially when camping! Print these Scavenger Hunt sheets out before you leave, break off into teams and see who can get all of the items the fastest!

Not sure what to bring camping? Check out this camping checklist that will make camping a breeze! 

This Camping Count and Color Activity is a fun way to bring the theme of camping into coloring, patterns, and numbers & it’ll keep your kids entertained! 

“I Spy” Is a great game to play anywhere. It’s even more fun to play camping, especially with this Campground I Spy Printable!

Who doesn’t love a word search or a word scramble? This Camping Word Search and Camping Word Scramble are lots of fun! 

Love to play Bingo? This Printable Camping Bingo is fun at home or at the campsite. 

This free printable camping scavenger hunt comes with two levels of difficulty so your little kids and big kids can all play along. 

Wanna make your nature walks a little more fun and interesting? This Nature Walk Game and printable is fun for kids, adults, grandparents – the whole family! 


Planning a trip isn’t always easy but there are ways to make it simpler for you. How to Prepare For Your Next Trip Without Ever Leaving Your Home will help get you started! 

Know someone in your life that LOVES camping and you want to get them a gift? Our Unique Camping Gift Ideas for the Camper in Your Life will help you find the right gift for them! 

Want to know what we consider essential items? Check out 10 Essential Camping Items That Every Camper Needs to find out what they are. 

Not sure if you should try camping in a tent or if camping in an RV is more your speed? Check out Tent vs. RV Camping: How to Know What’s Ideal for You for help!

Check out this list of 5 camping essentials for families, plus get a bonus free printable camping scavenger hunt to take with you on your trip! 

Ever thought about kayaking while you’re camping? How about trying Kayak Camping with Dogs

Don’t forget any of these camping with kids essentials! This checklist will help you plan the perfect camping trip. 

Ready to go Moochdocking? Learn How to Camp for Free with these tips! 

Finding the right campground for your family isn’t always easy. These tips will help point you in the right direction. 

Camping is a lot of fun but it can get expensive if you’re not careful! Check out these Tips to Save Money on Camping.

Camping with young kids can be a challenge. Discover the best toddler camping beds so everyone can get a good night’s sleep! 

Ready to enjoy the open road? Camping is a wonderful way to explore new places. Discover the benefits of RV Camping.

Not sure that you want to camp outside or want to give camping a trial run before you head out to your campsite? Here is a guide for indoor camping to get you started. 

Won’t have access to a bathroom or sink? Make sure you use these types of soaps to protect the environment from your soapy water dumping. 

Wondering what to cook on when camping? Here are the basics when it comes to camp cookware

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