10 Essential Camping Items That Every Camper Needs

10 Essential Camping Items That Every Camper Needs

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Whether you are a seasoned camper, or this is your first time camping, it’s easy to forget your camping supplies sometimes. While there are obvious ones like a tent and food, read on to find out what we think are essential camping items that every camper needs.

10 Essential Camping Items that Every Camper Needs Collage

Sleeping Pad

Campgrounds aren’t exactly the Four Seasons, and the ground can be hard and uncomfortable. Having a sleeping pad can make your sleep and tent experience way better. The campground is usually full of rocks and sticks, making sleeping in a tent not so great. A blow-up mattress can also come in handy if you don’t want to use a sleeping pad.

Camping Stove

Cooking over a campfire is fantastic, but if you are looking for a better way to cook a variety of food, you’ll want a camping stove. This is primarily a must if you have an extended camping trip ahead of you or picky eaters.

Hiking shoes in the woods

Comfortable Shoes

When you imagine yourself camping, it’s easy to forget that some hikes can be miles long. Having a good pair of comfortable hiking shoes is always a must when you go camping! These are also good for protecting your feet from the elements.

Extra Clothes

This one sounds silly, but having extra clothes is a must! You might get caught in the rain or end up ruining a pair of clothes and wish you had some spares. Be sure to bring a variety in case the weather changes without notice.

Woman hiking with water bottle


It’s easy to forget that while you do have a campsite full of amenities, you need to bring your water! You can buy massive gallons of water or bring your water filter if you need to just in case. Having too much water is better than not having enough when you are camping.

Rain Gear

Something I make sure I never go camping without is rain gear! You never know when a freak flood or rainstorm will hit!

Man in forest with flashlight


You may have remembered your lanterns and campsite lights, but I never go camping without also bringing some flashlights! These are great for late-night bathroom trips and other dark adventures.


You don’t need a big knife, but a camping knife is a must! You never know when you’ll need to cut something, whether for survival or food.

Medical Supplies

Put together a first aid kit to bring with you while you are camping! In case someone gets hurt or sick, you’ll be ready.

Man outside wrapped in a blanket


Having extra blankets is always a good idea when you’re camping. While it may be hot during the day, the temperatures can start to drop fast at night.

Camping, just like any other trip, has its own unique challenges. No matter what kind of campsite you are visiting these ten items are things I never go camping without no matter what time of year it is. While you want to make sure you have things like shelter and pots and pans, make sure you have these ten things handy too!


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